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Anti-Rejection Seminar

The purpose of this female-only seminar is to teach practical strategies on how to overcome the spirit of rejection in your life. You will gain knowledge of the origins of rejection while learning how to safeguard your spirit and soul from the effects of this spirit. We will be utilizing the Bible as our primary text to deliver the seminar.
You will learn how to:
  • Expose the root of rejection
  • Recognize the effects of rejection on the emotions
  • Identify common causes of rejection
  • Recover from a rejected experience
  • Avoid entering into relationships that will result in being rejected
Rejection, if not properly dealt with, can lead an individual into making poor life choices, experience low self-worth/esteem, repetitive setbacks in life, fear and a vast amount of other traumatic emotions resulting in multiple failures in life. At Erica’s Place WholeLife Centre, we teach to a solution.
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Note: Seminar Includes Material, Female-Only, Cost: CAD$130

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6 pm - 9 pm