HEALING MANNA is an inner healing urgent care program, designed to teach individuals ways to heal their wounded soul condition, while spiritually feeding and mending the brokenhearted. Individuals will learn how to identify, expose, and remove deeply rooted issues such as:

  • Ungodly beliefs
  • Childhood scarring, past hurts
  • Negative relationships, deep hurts

Issues that have severely wounded the soul and has caused emotional and spiritual stagnancy in an individual’s life. Our Healing Manna program was created to restore and transform the lives of such persons; while enabling them to walk in purpose and live out their destiny.


GRIEF CARE is a staple in our ministry. We teach and encourage individuals affected by the loss of a loved one, to heal with hope. The seminar is specifically designed to minister and support the bereaved to rebuild, move forward and embrace life again. We understand that grief is unique to everyone, but through education, we will teach individuals ways to cope and eventually overcome their grief. You can live again!


QUEEN FOR LIFE (QFL) is an inner healing intensive care program designed for women 21 years and up. We look at real issues that women face such as:

  • Rejection
  • Emotional insecurities
  • Ungodly relationships, thriving after hurt and abuse
  • Conquering the “hate” attitude towards other women

Such issues stem from a deep-seated soul condition designed to keep the person from living out their destiny. Our QFL program will teach and encourage women to conduct themselves in a way that is pleasing to God, without compromise and comparison; ultimately empowering them to be set free from the lies of the enemy. The QFL program will help women to recover their emotional and spiritual health.

At Erica’s Place WholeLife Centre, we take a fundamental approach to teaching this program. Our motto is: Encouraging
Purpose-Filled Women Into Change!